Aims And Objectives

  • To make heard ‘the voice’ of the Sheffield Roma Community by linking the Roma communities in their various places of residence across Sheffield and creating a conduit for the Roma community to engage in meaningful two way communication with the various city agencies and organisations.

  • To help equalise their life chances and opportunities and to support and assist the Roma community’s integration into the wider Sheffield community.

  • To help develop the knowledge and confidence of members of the Roma community to represent their community on relevant governing boards, consultative and representative groups.

  • To accelerate the process of bringing the Roma community to a level of maturity and engagement where they can stand equal with other communities in their participation, representation and responsibility in and to, the city of Sheffield.

Sheffield Roma Network  presentation

Our Team

The Roma network team is composed of successful professional people from Sheffield.


Through the website you can ask for help with any problems or issues you have by going on the contact page .

If the website team can't help you, they will direct you to someone who can.


Our team can provide you with all services that are available for adults, teenagers and children. 


This will help you make your life easier in such  a good way like for example learn the language that is required in United Kingdom. 


We can give you a free course to learn English.