12 learners successfully completed the English My Way Pre Entry ESOL course which started in September 2016 and ended in March 2017. In March 2017 the learners took a Pre entry Speaking and Listening exam with the English Speaking Board and they all passed. An awards ceremony and celebration was held at Firvale Community Hub on Wednesday 12 July 2017 to celebrate their success and to award their certificates. We would like to congratulate them all for their achievement and success and look forward to seeing them next term to continue their learning and progression onto Entry Level 1 ESOL.

Burngreave community awards 2017

we would like to congratulate Tomas Tancos for getting the Burngreave community awards.

Jan Horvath Junior has started playing football since 5 years old, he is now playing for a football club for U12's. Jan wants to built it up to a Professional football level.

Congratulations to the Roma students attending the Roma Achievement Project with 100% Attendance.

Roma Women's Group - Some of the Roma Women attending the Smoke Free Spaces
Awareness Session held at FCH in partnership
with SOAR.

Roma Women's Group enjoying Oral Health Awareness Session held at FCH

Congratulations to Marek Pacan

Congratulations Marek for helping and supporting the roma school children by giving them help and achieving GCSE'S in English and Maths with the Roma Achievement Project. There are up to 32 children coming each Saturday.