Adult Learning and Pathway Programmes & English At Home
Firvale Community Hub has received funding from the Controlled Migration Fund to deliver a 6 month programme of adult learning opportunities as part of the My Sheffield Adult Learning and Pathway Programmes. These will develop the necessary language and community activism skills to impact and cause a ripple of positive outcomes for all.  Collectively they will accelerate English language development and ameliorate integration and cohesion.  Learning opportunities will also be made available to members of settled communities to raise their skills levels and aspirations.


We will offer FREE ESOL classes at Pre entry and Entry Level which will include 2 Welcome to Sheffield Courses. Each class will consist of 24 hours of guided learning over 6 weeks, 4 hours per week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

For those who find it difficult to attend an English class at the centre, we will also offer FREE ‘Home Learning’ opportunities for people to learn ‘English at Home’ either one-to-one or as a family.  We are working in partnership with SAVTE to train volunteer ESOL tutors who will deliver these sessions. The volunteers will also deliver English Conversation Groups at Firvale Community Hub.

If you would like become a Volunteer ESOL Tutor, join one of our ESOL classes or would prefer to learn English in your own home please contact Margaret Gibson for more information. Tel: 0114 2619130 or e-mail:




4 Volunteer ESOL Tutors received 2 days training with SAVTE. Due to Covid 19 the training was delayed but after re-scheduling. The volunteers were able to do the first session over Zoom which worked very well. The second session took place under strict Covid 19 social distancing guidance and the volunteers told us they all enjoyed the course, particularly meeting face to face. They are now ready to start delivering conversation groups. Due to Covid 19 these will be small face to face groups in FCH and larger groups delivered via Whatsapp.

One volunteer commented:

‘Thank you for referring me on to the training course it was very helpful and insightful.  Most of all it was fun and engaging so thanks for doing that. 

I will be more than happy to attend next Wednesday the 12th August.

                        Once again thanks for your help and wish you all the best.’                                               


 Session 2 of Training Sessions at Firvale Community Hub

12 August 2020




2 volunteers from Firvale Community Hub participated in 2 days training for the ‘50 Things to do before you are 5’ project. You can download the app and explore 50 activities that parents and carers can do with their children, it’s all about having fund and sharing experiences. Share memories and inspire others to connect with their child’s learning through an online community

Each experience has been suggested by parents, carers and professionals; sifted, developed and written up by early years experts and language specialists, to create a fabulous resource for every child under five and the grown-ups in their life!​​​​​​​

You can find the app to download at: 

5 year olds enjoying a painting session with their parents.