Tomas Tancos

Marek Pacan

Tomas is the youngest member of the team, He came to Sheffield from Slovakia with his parents in 2004. He has grown up in Sheffield, left school in 2014 having gained GCSE qualification in English, Maths Business Administration and OCR IT at Firth Park Academy. He undertook an apprenticeship at PACA and he is currently employed at Firvale Community Hub as the Sheffield Roma Network Leader.

Marek Pacan is a talented young Roma person. Marek has came in UK in 2004. The experience and training he had, has given him a good opportunity to work in a school as a teacher assistant working towards level 3. Marek has earned himself a reputation as a very good singer, regularly performing at local Roma events and has been singing on television.

Jan Horvath

Jan is a well respectful person in his community, he has come in UK in 2005 with his family. Jan has started working in factory for few years. After gaining good communications skills and massive improvement in reading and writing, Jan has started working in Fir Vale School from 2012 to 2015 as a Student support worker and also Teacher assistant. He has left school because of his health problems, so Jan started to help and support the Roma community with the Sheffield Roma Network

Margita Zigova

Margita is well known person in the Roma community, Since January 2016 Margita started working with Firvale Community Hub and the Sheffield Roma Network as a Cleaner and Street Champion. Margita is also involved in some Health projects that are running by Firvale Community Hub.

Marzena Senkowska

Marek Hada

Marzena has came in UK in September 2017, Her aim is to get involved in activities and events that could help and support the communities with integration. Marzena is still learning basic English that could help her find a job which she enjoys.

Marek is a UK resident since 2006, firstly he was living in London and gain English, Maths  GCSE in secondary school. After finishing secondary school, Marek  has started at dv8 music production college finished with level 1 production certificate. In 2014 Marek moved in Sheffield and worked in many different places within the past 3 years.